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How To Solve Extreme Tooth Pain Tampa, FL
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Tooth pain can be a hassle, especially when the pain begins to interfere with your everyday life. When bacteria enters a tooth’s pulp, it can cause an infection. The best way to treat this infection is by receiving a root canal. Root canal treatment in Carrollwood is available at our dentistry. Here at Optum Dental Arts, we strive to provide the best dental service in the area.

What is a Root Canal?

An infection often causes extreme tooth pain in the tooth pulp. The pulp of your teeth is where all the nerves live. When this area becomes infected, the nerves react to this infection and begin causing discomfort. A root canal is a process where Dr. Roderick Davies will remove the infected pulp. He will then clean and disinfect the area. Once thoroughly cleaned, the tooth is packed with a sterilized material and sealed back up.


When your tooth has an infected pulp, it is crucial to receive a root canal. The consequences of avoiding a root canal can include completely losing your tooth or part of your jaw. When the infection is left to spread, it can create more problems and cause more pain. 


Suppose you are experiencing severe tooth pain and looking for an office to receive a root canal procedure in Carrollwood. In that case, we are the right place for you. We understand the pain of an infected tooth can be unbearable, so we offer root canal therapy in the Tampa, Florida, area. 

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

Our office offers many types of sedation dentistry to give you a pain-free experience. While the procedure itself is similar to receiving a cavity filling or getting wisdom teeth removed, there may be some mild discomfort after the procedure. This discomfort from the procedure can last about a week. Suppose you are still experiencing pain in the area over a week after your procedure. In that case, we recommend giving us a call so we can address the issue. Most of the pain that is often associated with a root canal comes from the pain you experience because of the infected area. If you are experiencing extreme pain, a root canal will help eliminate that pain. 

What is the Cost of a Root Canal?

The root canal cost in Carrollwood can vary. The number of infected teeth and the location of infection can affect the price. We want to ensure you receive quality dental treatments. We understand the cost of a procedure may be causing you to delay treatment, which is why we offer great financing options. 

Root Canal in Carrollwood

Extreme tooth pain is often a sign of infected tooth pulp. Our dentistry, located near Tampa, FL, can help relieve that pain. Our team of professional dentists is fully prepared to assist you with any general dentistry procedure you may need. We would love to see you in our office if you are in the Citrus Park, Florida, area. Call us today to set up your root canal or general check-up appointment. 

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