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Bone grafting is performed in implant dentistry to replace lost bone in specific parts of the jaw. This procedure provides additional support and is mainly used when the patient would benefit from dental implants.

The donor bone is usually taken from other parts of the body. Dr. Davies will then fuse the bone to the area that has suffered the loss. In some cases, synthetic material is used in place of natural bone. At Optum Dental Arts, you can discover if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

Missing teeth and gum disease are the leading causes of bone loss. If a patient receives a bone graft from areas such as the hip, tibia or the back of the jaw, it promotes regrowth that can support natural teeth and implants.

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Ideal Bone Graft Candidate

The majority of candidates are patients who have lost teeth and wish to have dental implants. This procedure requires the placement of screws in the jaw to support a crown. However, this artificial root relies on strong bone to remain viable.

Tooth loss and gum disease can cause the bone in the jaw to deteriorate. The integrity of the remaining teeth and gum tissue may suffer without intervention. A bone graft can prevent the development of further oral health problems.

Your smile is impacted by tooth and bone loss in the jaw. The appearance of the face can be affected if too much bone is lost, which will transform your aesthetic in a negative way. Dr. Davies may therefore recommend bone grafting as a cosmetic solution.

Older patients are more likely to need bone grafting as a dental intervention. Patients who have suffered an injury to the teeth or jaw may also benefit from this approach in Tampa, FL. You can book a consultation with Dr. Davies to discover if bone grafting is right for you.

Dr. Davies, Optum Dental Arts

Dr. Davies is a solutions-driven dentist who embraces effective innovations and technologies. If you believe that bone loss is affecting your oral health and smile, Optum Dental Arts can help. Contact our practice today to book an appointment in our state-of-the-art Tampa offices.

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