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One of the most common types of tooth repairs is the filling. Fillings replace missing tooth material to protect the tooth structure. For many years, amalgam or metal fillings were used to fill in cavities or repair damaged teeth. While effective for replacing tooth material, metal fillings also make teeth appear gray and discolored. As part of cosmetic dentistry treatments at Optum Dental Arts in Tampa, FL, we offer composite fillings that are white and can be color-matched to your teeth for an improved appearance.

Metal fillings are no longer the only option and often are not the best solution for tooth repair. Amalgam contains mercury and can cause stress on some teeth when used for tooth repairs. Composite fillings have been used for decades and have improved in strength and durability over the years. Many people prefer the appearance of white fillings and there are other benefits of using composite resin for repairing teeth and performing cosmetic dental treatments.

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Dentist showing patient X-Rays

What is a Composite Resin?

White fillings are made from composite resin, a dental material made from a mixture of ceramics and plastic. Composite fillings are made from a putty-like resin substance that is molded to fit the cavity. The resin is cured using a specialized light, hardening the filling. Once the composite resin is cured, it is polished to blend with the surface of the tooth for a discreet tooth repair. The filling does not change the tooth color, and it can last for several years or longer.

Another use for composite resin is for cosmetic dental bonding. Composite resin can be used to hide cosmetic dental flaws like discolorations, tooth gaps, chipped teeth and misshapen teeth. Dental bonding offers a quicker option to hide certain dental flaws and it is more affordable than cosmetic veneers, but it may not last as long as porcelain veneers.

Composite resin fillings and bonding can be used for tooth repairs or cosmetic dental treatments. If you are interested in learning more about white fillings, contact us at Optum Dental Arts. We offer tooth-colored fillings and cosmetic composite resin treatments at our dental center in Tampa near Carrollwood, FL.

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