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Losing one or more teeth can greatly impact the appearance of your smile and oral function. If you smile with closed lips to hide a gap caused by a missing tooth, a dental bridge may be the solution. Dental bridges use your existing teeth to anchor a prosthetic tooth in place, creating a fixed tooth and complete smile. If you are ready to explore options for replacing missing teeth, come see us at Optum Dental Arts in Tampa, FL.

Injuries, disease and other issues can result in tooth loss. Restoring one or two teeth can be accomplished with dental implants, but not everyone is a good candidate for implants. A dental bridge offers a fixed option that can replace the tooth for an improved smile appearance and a functional prosthetic tooth. The replacement tooth looks natural, and the adjacent teeth can also be improved in appearance with dental crowns.

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Replace Missing Teeth in Your Smile

A dental bridge uses dental crowns connected to prosthetic teeth to fill in gaps in your smile. The teeth near the missing tooth or teeth are fitted for dental crowns and molds are made for the crowns and prosthetic teeth (pontics). We send your tooth impressions for your crowns, pontics and complete dental bridge to a dental lab. Once the dental bridge is completed, we can place the crowns over the connecting teeth and bond the dental bridge in place.

A dental bridge can replace your missing teeth in a few visits to our office near Carrollwood and give you back your complete smile. The crowns and pontics on the dental bridge can be color-matched to your smile to look natural and discreet. While a dental bridge is not the same as a dental implant in function, it offers a biting surface and improves the appearance of your smile in just a few weeks.

Missing teeth can affect your smile appearance, speech and confidence. If you are interested in replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge, denture or dental implants, come see us at Optum Dental Arts. We offer several options for tooth replacement, including beautiful dental bridges, at our dental center in Tampa, Florida.

Get your smile back

  • Smiling comfortably is not a privilege that everybody shares. However, replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge is a great way to rebuild confidence.
  • If you have trouble speaking, missing teeth could be the cause of the problem. A dental bridge can replace those teeth and improve your enunciation.
  • When teeth fall out, the bone in the area will begin to break down. By installing a dental bridge, the natural function of the root is replicated and bone health is maintained.
  • If you have trouble chewing food because of missing or damaged teeth, a dental bridge can help. Crowns or implants attached to a bridge restore natural function.

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