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dentist showing x-ray to patient

Do you grind your teeth at night or find yourself clenching your teeth when awake? You may have bruxism, a condition where you exert force on your teeth through unconscious grinding or clenching. Bruxism can be caused by dental issues, and in turn, it can also cause damage to teeth. To control teeth grinding or clenching while you sleep, a mouth guard may be the solution. Optum Dental Arts offers a dental nightguard for bruxism/teeth grinding through our clinic in Tampa, FL.

The exact cause of bruxism is not known. Some people may clench their teeth or jaw due to stress, while in others it seems to be a hereditary or oral health issue. Whatever the cause, teeth grinding can be detrimental to the health of your smile. Grinding the teeth wears down the enamel, and clenching can cause fractures in the teeth. Dental restorations like crowns, bridges and fillings can be ruined, requiring replacement. To control damage caused by bruxism to the teeth, a dental nightguard is often prescribed to protect the teeth while you sleep.

dentist showing x-rays to patient

Teeth Clenching Mouth Guard

A dental nightguard or mouth guard is a plastic oral device that fits over your teeth to prevent the upper and lower teeth from touching. Dr. Davies and our dental team can design a customized nightguard for bruxism and teeth grinding that fits perfectly over your teeth for comfort and effectiveness. In addition to preventing damage to teeth while you sleep, many people are able to get relief from snoring, sleep apnea and TMJ disorders by wearing a dental nightguard.

Wearing a nightguard can be the best way to avoid detrimental damage to your teeth from bruxism. Not only can tooth damage be painful, but it can be costly to repair teeth or replace dental restorations. Wearing a mouth guard is a cost-effective and minimally-invasive solution to protect your smile.

If you need bruxism treatment to protect your teeth from teeth grinding and clenching, come see us at Optum Dental Arts. We offer customized dental mouthguards for bruxism, snoring, TMD and sleep apnea at our dental center in Tampa near Carrollwood.

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