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Inside the hard exterior of a tooth is the soft pulp, the “live” part of your teeth. This interior includes the nerve roots that signal pain and sensitivity in the tooth and the blood vessels and tissue that make up the pulp. Endodontics is a specialty area of dentistry that focuses on treatments for the pulp and the interior of the canals inside the roots. At Optum Dental Arts in Tampa, we offer endodontics with treatments like root canal therapy for our patients with interior tooth infections and injuries.

The inside of the tooth is vital to keep the tooth alive and functional. If there is an injury that impacts the pulp or nerves inside the tooth, or an infection reaches the interior, it can kill the tooth. Without endodontics, infected or severely damaged teeth can be lost. Endodontics repair or remove damaged tissue inside the tooth to save the tooth and maintain its viability.

Endodontic treatment is more complex and intricate than many other types of dental procedures. Repairing the outside of the tooth is simpler and does not require the same precision and advanced techniques. If you have an infected or damaged tooth that needs interior repairs, you want a dentist who has been trained in endodontics and offers these specialized treatments. Dr. Roderick Davies at Optum Dental Arts is experienced with endodontics, and we offer these specialty treatments at our office near Carrollwood.

Interior Tooth Repairs

Advanced technology and techniques are needed for endodontics. Procedures like root canals that are endodontic surgeries once required multiple appointments to complete, but now often can be performed in one visit. Dr. Davies and our team use advanced imaging that allows us to perform these intricate procedures at our dental center. Our endodontic procedures for interior tooth repairs include:

If you have an infected or injured tooth that needs endodontic treatment or root canal therapy, come see us at Optum Dental Arts. Contact our dental practice in Tampa, FL, to schedule an exam and endodontic consultation. Our dental practice accepts most insurance plans, and we have payment options for your convenience.

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