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Severe Gag Reflex Tampa, FL

The gag reflex is designed to help prevent choking and items entering your airway. Unfortunately, some people have a very sensitive gag reflex that can make it difficult to receive the dental care they need. Patients with a severe gag reflex may have difficulty relaxing during dental appointments for checkups, cleanings and treatment to maintain a healthy smile. At Optum Dental Arts, we welcome patients with a severe gag reflex and provide a comfortable, compassionate place to obtain the dental care they need in Tampa, FL.

Some gag reflex sensitivity is a physical issue, while other times it can be a mental or emotional reaction. Often, it is a combination of physical and mental difficulties that cause a gagging response to anything touching the back of the mouth or tongue. There are techniques that can be used to relax the mind and body during dental treatments to help reduce gag reflex reactions. Our team at Optum Dental Arts can help find the right solution to make sure you or your family member with a sensitive gag reflex feel relaxed and comfortable.

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Gag Reflex Relaxation

Dr. Roderick Davies and our team at Optum Dental Arts want every patient to feel at ease in our office. While that can be easier said than done for patients with a severe gag reflex, it is possible. We start by listening to your needs and discussing the best ways to help you relax during your appointment. Focusing on something else is often helpful – we provide headphones and have TVs in our treatment rooms that can be distracting during your appointments. Breathing through the nose can minimize reactions, and there are other techniques we can use to minimize discomfort, including medications to help you relax or to numb the soft palate.

If you or a family member need special dental care due to a severe gag reflex, come see us at Optum Dental Arts. We have a wonderful team of caring dental professionals that will find a solution to ensure every patient gets quality dental care that is as stress-free as possible. Contact our dental practice in Tampa near Carrollwood to schedule your appointment.

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