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3D-Guided Dental Implants

Advanced 3D technology is a revolution that has significantly improved dental implant outcomes. Optum Dental Arts can restore your smile with precise and accurate placement of new teeth. Historically, many patients complained of discomfort lasting long after treatment. This was a result of relying on the skills of the dentist alone.

With guided dental implants using 3D technology, Dr. Davies can accurately predict the most comfortable placement for each dental implant. This is achieved by mapping out the procedure in a computer environment before treatment begins. Patients have the opportunity to see the final results, allowing them to participate in the process.

Optum Dental Arts can also reduce wait times for patients, as 3D models are produced in our Tampa, FL offices. Once you have approved the dental implant placement for each replacement tooth, Dr. Davies can immediately schedule an appointment to begin your treatment.

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Superior Dental Implant Placement

Without 3D-guided placement of dental implants, patients risk suffering from discomfort and pain. Lack of precision can also lead to dissatisfaction in the appearance of your smile restoration. These issues are eliminated with optimal outcomes using 3D guidance technology.

Overall, 3D-guided modeling makes the process of replacing teeth with dental implants much shorter. The time taken for preparation before surgery, the main procedure and recovery is reduced. Patients who previously could not get dental implants due to life and work commitments will find that scheduling now offers greater convenience and flexibility.

State-of-the-Art Dentistry, Tampa

Dr. Davies supports the introduction of state-of-art dental technologies. 3D-guided implant surgery is just one of the innovations offered at Optum Dental Arts. Your smile can open up new personal and professional opportunities. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that all dental restorations are performed with precision to achieve excellent outcomes.

If you believe that 3D-guided dental implants could restore function and beauty to your smile, a consultation at Optum Dental Arts is recommended. Simply pick up the phone and call our offices today to book a consultation in Tampa, Florida, to learn more about this life-changing treatment option.

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