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It is essential to replace loose or missing teeth to restore the function and appearance of your smile. Chewing and eating are more difficult, and you may feel reluctant to speak with your teeth on display.

While dentures can go a long way toward resolving these issues, there are concerns about comfort and stability. You may worry that dentures will become loose or fall out. To resolve these problems, Optum Dental Arts recommends implant overdentures.

Implant overdentures are a restorative treatment that can replace a complete set of missing teeth. The benefits over traditional dentures include greater comfort, the ability to eat your favorite foods and no risk of your teeth falling out at the most awkward moment.

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Implant Overdentures Explained

Traditional dentures are designed to mimic the shape, placement and appearance of your natural teeth. Unfortunately, the shape of the gums and jaws can change over time. This results in dentures becoming loose or falling out of place.

Implant overdentures are supported by suction between the bone ridges and dental implants. Patients can remove the device, which is different from implants that are permanently secured to the bone. The main benefits of this treatment option include greater stability, comfort and function.

Implant overdentures may be an effective solution if you suffer from embarrassment due to missing teeth. At the Tampa, FL offices of Dr. Davies, suitable patients can take advantage of this revolutionary procedure. Find out if you are an ideal candidate today by booking a consultation at Optum Dental Arts.

We strive to provide restorative dentistry that is individualized, effective and affordable. With implant overdentures, patients can improve confidence in their oral health. Social engagements typically involve eating, drinking, smiling and speaking. With the reassurance that replacement teeth are stable, you can once more enjoy meeting with friends or attending work events.

A consultation with Dr. Davies is relaxed and informal. This part of the process allows the doctor and patient to explore treatment options. If you are interested in replacing your traditional dentures with implant-supported dentures, contact our team for an appointment at Optum Dental Arts today.

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