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Dental implants are the closest replacements for natural teeth. Like your original teeth, dental implants require maintenance and may need repairs and restorations over time. When a dental implant is damaged from wear, injury or disease, our implant dentist, Dr. Roderick Davies, can perform dental implant restorations or repairs at our dental center in Tampa, Florida.

A dental implant has various components that may need restoration. The main feature is the implant post that adheres to the jawbone. In some cases, this post can become loose or be jarred loose from an injury. A post restoration may require the post be completely removed and a new post inserted. Other components like the abutment, dental crown or denture attachment may need replacement due to damage or dysfunction. Dr. Davies can complete most dental implant restorations at our dental center to replace or repair damage to various components.

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Implant Repairs

The most common types of dental implant repairs are to the attached restorations. Single dental implants can require the dental crown be replaced – crowns can crack or break like natural teeth and need repair. It is important to remember that dental implants do not have nerves like natural teeth, and you may not know there is a problem with a dental implant right away. Routine checkups are vital to inspect your dental implant for any damage or problems that may need repair.

Dental implants are a significant investment in your oral health and appearance. Maintaining your implants is important, from routine checkups to repairs and restorations. Our dental team at Optum Dental Arts has the advanced dental technology and expertise to maintain your implants and natural teeth at our state-of-the-art facility near Carrollwood, FL.

If you have a dental implant that has failed or needs repair, come see us at Optum Dental Arts. We can fix damaged dental implants or perform complete restorations. Our practice welcomes new patients, and we accept most dental insurance plans at our office. We also have financing available with our in-house payment options for out-of-pocket expenses related to your implant restoration or repair.

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