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Each tooth has at least one root, some large molars have four, that has a canal inside with pulp. This soft tissue contains blood vessels and nerve roots that connect the tooth to the nervous and circulatory systems. When the pulp inside a tooth canal is infected or the nerve roots are damaged, it can jeopardize the health of the tooth. Root canal therapy is used to remove the pulp and save an infected tooth. Our experienced dentist, Dr. Davies, at Optum Dental Arts, performs root canals for infected teeth at our dental center in Tampa, Florida.

Tooth infections inside the tooth can cause detrimental damage to the tooth and extreme pain for the patient. If not treated with endodontics or root canal therapy, a tooth may be lost to infection. Tooth injuries, decay and abscesses can lead to a tooth infection that requires a root canal to remove the diseased pulp to save the tooth from loss.

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Root Canals Offers Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

If you have a painful infected tooth, root canal therapy can provide almost instant pain relief and save your tooth. Dr. Davies has been trained in advanced endodontic surgery and can perform root canals to repair infected teeth. During root canal therapy, the tooth canal is opened and cleared of the infected pulp and nerve roots. The canal is disinfected and thoroughly cleaned before it is repacked with sterilized material. The tooth is resealed and may be covered with a dental crown if it needs extra protection to prevent further damage.

Once the root canal therapy is performed, the nerve is gone, and there is no more pain in the tooth. There is minimal discomfort after the local anesthesia wears off, similar to what you may experience after a dental filling.

Root canals are the best solution for saving an infected or severely damaged tooth and stopping infected tooth pain. If you have a damaged or infected tooth that needs endodontic surgery, come see our team at Optum Dental Arts. We offer root canal therapy at our dental center in Tampa, Florida, to relieve your pain and save your infected tooth.

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