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When you wake up with a severe toothache, you do not want to wait to see a dentist. Some dental issues need immediate care, even emergency treatment. Dr. Roderick Davies and our dental team at Optum Dental Arts want neighbors in the Tampa Bay area to know they can count on us when they need urgent dental care. We offer emergency and same day dentistry at our dental center in Tampa near Carrollwood, FL.

Issues like broken or knocked out teeth need emergency dentistry. Severe tooth pain, especially when it occurs suddenly, should also be considered a reason to seek urgent dental care. While routine dental care is usually scheduled in advance, there are times when you need immediate care for your teeth. At Optum Dental Arts, we leave room in our schedule for dental emergencies for our existing patients, but we welcome the chance to see new patients when they need urgent care. If you or a family member have a painful or damaged tooth, call us for same day dentistry.

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We May Be Able to See You Today!

While we cannot promise we can see every patient the same day they call, we do our best to immediately help those who have a dental emergency. Even if you have not been to our office before, you can call us when you need a same day dental appointment. Our team will check the schedule and make the needed adjustments, if possible, to see you the same day you call. We can gather your information when you arrive and perform an exam to determine the best treatment for your dental issue.

Has it been a while since you have seen a dentist, but you have time to see one today? Call us at Optum Dental Arts, and we may be able to fit you into our schedule. We will always try to see a patient who needs dental care if we have the time available.

When you have a dental emergency or just want to see a dentist right away, contact Optum Dental Arts. We are happy to offer same day dental appointments whenever possible at our dental center in Tampa. We accept most dental insurance and our office offers payment plans to fit your budget.

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