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You may be considering sedation dentistry as an option if you are having a more complicated procedure or if going to the dentist gives you anxiety. We understand the overwhelming feeling of what it’s like sitting in someone else’s chair. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry options in favor of our dedication to optimal dental care. A calmer mind and body with sedation enables your dentist to complete the procedure faster and for you to get in and out with ease!

If you get anxious at the thought of visiting the dentist, we are here to provide support. From the friendly atmosphere at our offices to the amenities we offer, patients will benefit from a range of stress-relieving distractions.

In addition to the environment Dr. Davies has created at Optum Dental Arts, we also offer sedation dentistry to suitable patients. These options will help you to relax during treatment at our Tampa practice. Our team is also happy to provide reassurance and education related to any procedure.

Sedation Options

    anesthesia icon Anesthesia
    oral sedation icon Oral Sedation
    nitrous sedation icon Nitrous Sedation
    iv sedation icon IV Sedation

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General anesthesia is administered by injection or through a breathing mask, or sometimes both. General anesthesia places the entire body, including the brain, into a state of unconsciousness during which the patient has no awareness and feels nothing, and will remember nothing of the surgical experience. This is perfect for the patient that suffers from dental anxiety or fears the dentist.

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Dental Chair with headphone, tv and pillow
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Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is used at Optum Dental Arts to depress the central nervous system during treatment. This is achieved through the administration of suitable drugs. One of the main benefits of oral conscious sedation is maintaining communication with the patient.

Dr. Davies will recommend oral conscious sedation based on each patient’s unique needs. You will have the opportunity to discuss your anxiety or dental phobia concerns. There is no judgment during the consultation process, and all patients are treated with the compassion and understanding they deserve.

Nitrous Sedation

Nitrous sedation is commonly known as laughing gas is a great option when mild sedation is needed. Nitrous oxide gas is administered through a breathing mask. Once inhaled, it results in patients feeling a sense of euphoria and an elevated sense of ease. This sedation option is mild enough to allow patients to safely drive after their procedure is complete.
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IV Sedation

IV sedation dentistry is another option from Optum Dental Arts that can make patients more comfortable during treatment. This sedation method will not cause you to lose consciousness but does result in reduced awareness. When Dr. Davies provides verbal instructions, you will be able to respond but won’t feel anxious about the procedure.

As the name suggests, IV sedation is delivered intravenously. The line is entered through the vein and is a suitable alternative to inhaled sedatives such as nitrous oxide. Dental phobias appear in specific ways in each patient. Therefore, it is important to discuss your comfort level with any sedative with Dr. Davies prior to treatment.

Learn more about sedation dentistry at Optum Dental Arts by booking a consultation today. Dr. Davies can answer any questions you may have and help you feel more comfortable with receiving dental treatments at our Tampa, FL offices.

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