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Your smile is a powerful commodity that can boost confidence, open doors to new opportunities, and allow you to eat and drink comfortably. Your teeth may suffer damage from aging, oral health issues, or injury throughout your lifetime. Dr. Davies can provide smile cosmetic solutions at Optum Dental Arts in Tampa, FL.

If you damage or lose a tooth, it can drastically impact the appearance of your smile. There is also a risk of further oral health problems. Exposed pulp results in the root and blood vessels inside the tooth becoming vulnerable. When you lose a tooth, surrounding gum tissue and bone may begin to degrade.

At Optum Dental Arts, we believe that every patient deserves to smile with confidence. We offer a range of restorative treatment options. Fillings, crowns, dental bridges, onlays and inlays are just some of the solutions for repairing a damaged tooth. Patients with missing teeth may benefit from dentures, implant overdentures or fixed dental implants.

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Full Dental Restoration, Tampa

The extent of dental restorations differs from patient to patient. You are an individual who deserves tailored solutions. When you consult with Dr. Davies, a comprehensive examination is carried out to determine the right treatment plan.

A full dental restoration is recommended when teeth are generally in poor condition or there are a number of teeth missing. Although there are several ways that Dr. Davies can approach your treatment, we believe in patient-guided solutions at Optum Dental Arts.

You will play an active role in determining the treatments used in restoring your smile. Dr. Davies encourages curiosity and discussion. Patients who trust Optum Dental Arts with their oral healthcare can look forward to excellent outcomes.

Smile Consultation

If you are unhappy with your smile, make Optum Dental Arts your destination. We provide a full consultation to help you decide which treatment is right for you. With recommendations from Dr. Davies, patients can make informed decisions about their oral health in Tampa.

Contact our Florida offices today if you would like to explore effective and affordable smile restoration solutions.

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