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Dental care has changed drastically over the last few decades due to the new technology available. No longer do we need to wait for film x-rays to diagnose dental problems or plan treatments. We can quickly access digital images for faster diagnosis and treatment for patients. New tools and techniques make dental care more efficient and less invasive, saving time for both patients and dental professionals. At Optum Dental Arts, we have invested in the latest dental technology to provide the best care for our patients at our dental center in Tampa, FL.

Experience Our iTero Intraoral Camera

iTero logo.Educating our patients on their oral health is important to us at Optum Dental Arts. One of the best ways to share what we see when we look in your mouth is through digital imaging technology. Our iTero intraoral camera is a small device that can take pictures of the inside of your mouth and transfer those images onto a monitor for you to see. When discussing the diagnosis of your dental issues and treatment options, we can show you the problems with live images. This is a wonderful tool to help show and explain why certain treatments are recommended; it can also show you the results of your treatments.

3D Imaging with Sirona Galileos CT Scanner

Imaging is vital for comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of dental issues. The clearer the image, the easier it is to see abnormalities that need treatment. 3D imaging is also crucial for precision procedures like dental implant placement, tooth extractions and root canal surgery. At Optum Dental Arts, we have obtained one of the best 3D imaging devices available with the Sirona Galileos CT scanner. This gives Dr. Davies and our team incredible 3D images for diagnostics and treatment, with more intricate details and time-saving options for us and our patients.

Advanced dental technology can reduce the time you need to spend at our office and improve your overall experience. Our dental team at Optum Dental Arts uses cutting-edge tools, technology and techniques to provide the best dental care in the Tampa Bay area. To learn more about our technology or dental services, contact our clinic near Carrollwood to talk to one of our team members.

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