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The jaw joint and associated tissues are put under extreme pressure. Many people experience symptoms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders when the jaw is injured or not working correctly. Bruxism, facial injuries, degenerative disease and other issues can cause TMJ and TMD problems. As part of the conditions we treat at Optum Dental Arts, we offer TMJ and TMD treatment at our dental center in Tampa, Florida.

The TMJ controls the movement of the jaw. It allows it to open and close, but also slide back and forth to grind or chew food. Like any joint, the components can be damaged from disease, injury or repetitive stress. TMD is often related to bruxism or teeth grinding, which puts excess pressure on the jaw while sleeping. Missing teeth and bite misalignment can also cause stress on the jaw. Injury or arthritis can impact the jaw joint and result in TMD issues.

Symptoms of TMD vary depending on the cause and components affected. Jaw and facial pain are common, which can radiate to cause earaches and headaches. Jaw dysfunction is common, causing the jaw to pop or click when opening or closing – the jaw can lock in place due to TMD.

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Jaw Pain, Facial Pain Relief!

If you have symptoms of TMJ or TMD and want relief, come see us at Optum Dental Arts. We can perform a thorough exam to determine what components are damaged or dysfunctional and the cause of your TMD. Treatments for TMJ problems depend on the cause and extent of symptoms. Dental treatments to replace missing teeth or align the bite can relieve jaw and facial pain caused by TMJ issues. Wearing a nightguard can reduce wear on the teeth caused by bruxism that can impact the TMJ. Dr. Davies can discuss the possible treatments to relieve your pain and improve your jaw function.

If you have symptoms of TMJ disorder, dental care can restore improved jaw function and relieve your jaw pain. To schedule a comprehensive exam and TMJ screening, contact the team at Optum Dental Arts. Call our dental center in Tampa near Carrollwood to book your appointment for a TMJ/TMD consultation.

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