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Wisdom Teeth Removal Tampa, FL

The final molars that emerge in the back four corners of the upper and lower jaws are the wisdom teeth. These are large molars that usually arrive in the late teen years or early 20s. Some people receive their wisdom teeth without any problems, while others can experience pain or dental problems caused by these large molars. If you require wisdom teeth removal surgery, Optum Dental Arts can perform your tooth extractions at our dental center in Tampa, FL.

Due to the size of the wisdom teeth, adequate space is needed for them to emerge without complications. Some people have smaller jaws without the room needed for these final molars. The wisdom teeth can shift the other teeth, causing bite misalignment, crooked teeth or overlapping teeth. Some wisdom teeth may be impacted in the gum tissue or grow sideways due to restricted space. When these issues occur, removing the wisdom teeth may be the best option to prevent dental and oral health problems.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

You do not need your wisdom teeth for optimum oral health. For many people, removing wisdom teeth can improve their oral health. The wisdom teeth are notoriously difficult to keep clean and are susceptible to tooth decay. The tartar and plaque accumulated on the wisdom teeth can result in gingivitis or gum disease. Wisdom tooth removal can prevent oral health issues and may be necessary if these molars have problems emerging correctly.

The best time to remove wisdom teeth is when they first arrive, but they can be removed at any point if they cause oral problems. Teenagers and young adults should have their wisdom teeth monitored as they mature to determine if removal is necessary.

Wisdom teeth removal can prevent many oral health issues. Dr. Davies and our dental team provide a comfortable, stress-free experience for our patients who require one or more wisdom teeth to be extracted. If you or your child need a wisdom tooth extraction or complete wisdom teeth removal surgery, contact our team at Optum Dental Arts. Contact our office in Tampa to schedule a wisdom tooth consultation at our clinic near Carrollwood.

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